top lifestyle changes of 2021

The Top Lifestyle Changes Defining 2021

Written by Abiodun Apoeso.

2020 saw a big shift in the way that the majority of people, across the world, lived their lives. As 2021 continues, so does these ways and pattern of the ‘new normal’, which has, in turn, created a very noticeable lifestyle change. These changes reflect the increase in public awareness for the prioritization of health and compassion. The list below outlines the five most popular lifestyle change defining 2021.

1. Sustainability

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The past year has seen an increase in awareness of the environment and the need for healthy sustainable living, a change that is only set to increase as 2021 continues. The change of sustainability is affecting the way people live their lives in a range of different ways. For example, many Nigerians began to eat more vegetable-based foods in 2020/2021 with many more setting this as an intention going forward. In addition to an increase in the amount of vegetable-based foods being consumed, studies have also found that people are actively trying to decrease the amount of meat they eat. These food choices are being motivated by a combination of environmental and health considerations.

2. Use of Natural Remedies

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The use of natural remedies is by no means a new invention. after all, natural remedies have been used since before modern medicine began. However, it is fair to say that the use of natural remedies is one of the biggest lifestyle change this year.

There has been an increase in consumer awareness of the health benefits of natural remedies for common conditions. One ingredient that is leading the way for natural remedies is garlic. Garlic supplements are known to boost the function of the immune system.

The average length of cold symptoms was also reduced by 70% when you use garlic.

3. Self-Education

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that people live their lives, constraining people to slow down and spend more time at home. The increase in the number of people that are spending time at home has led to a drastic change in habits and routines. One of the biggest lifestyle changes is self-education. 

This year has seen an increase in the number of people taking part in self-education, particularly through online courses and classes. As almost everyone was compelled and forced to work remotely last year. There was also an increase in the number of online courses and resources available to individuals and consumers. This means that this year there is an abundance of online courses available. The rise in the number of people taking part in online education is only set to increase as this year continues.

4. Spending More Time at Home

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Perhaps partly motivated by the trend of sustainability, spending more time at home is another popular lifestyle change this year. With more people being more conservative, there is a growing awareness surrounding the need for excess items in the home. In 2021 many consumers have begun discussing the need for conscious purchasing. This involves focusing on the purpose of purchase rather than just the desire for the item. An increasing number of shoppers are limiting the amount that they are buying, focusing purchases on products that are needed or add value.

5. Shopping From Small Businesses

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected small businesses particularly hard, which has, in turn, motivated one of the biggest lifestyle changes of this year. Consumers are actively seeking out local small businesses when shopping. This trend is also in part motivated by sustainability, as shopping locally has less of an environmental impact than shopping with big, global retailers.

This lifestyle change of prioritizing small, independent, local brands is particularly popular with younger generations, specifically, Gen Z-ers and Millennials. Shopping from smaller businesses and independent brands has been made possible by social media and e-commerce platforms. This means that it is much easier for people to find and connect with independent and local sellers. 

I guess this lifestyle change has come to stay and we all have to adjust accordingly to navigate the new norm in our society.

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