A fragranced life 2.

A Fragranced life (The First Part).

In the first part of this article, we established that there are different fragrances we as humans have on and that it is the particular type of fragrance we have that determines several happenings in our life. I also categorised the fragrances into 2 but for the purpose of this article, I would be focusing on the second type of fragrance which I termed as the deficient fragrance; the ones the Yoruba’s refer to as Ami Ikorira. I remember saying I didn’t want to delve too deeply into this subject matter. However, I will try as much as possible to do so in this article as we focus on how to identify and eliminate bad fragrances as well as the implications it has physically and spiritually.

If you missed the first part, you can read it HERE

Is Ami Ikorira natural?

Ami ikorira means a mark of hatred and resentment that works against people. It is not seen yet it can be perceived and felt. Besides envy, it is usually the reason why you might just dislike someone for no good reason. You don’t understand why you do but you feel so much rage in your heart towards them. No! there is nothing natural about amin ikorira it is usually caused by evil people. Some are born with it, probably because it was inherited. Just like problems, smell can also be inherited. Perhaps, this is the root of generational problems. Some others get it through other means. In fact, many have died without realizing what they were going through. Some are able to notice it but still don’t understand the extent of its effects.

a fragranced life

Its Manifestations

There are several ways this phenomenon manifests itself and for some, it’s totally different. One thing that is certain is that it has destroyed many lives. A woman marries and she’s immediately disliked by every member of her husband’s family. She questions their reasons for their despising her so much but has not been able to get an answer. You see a very handsome young man that seems to be well established or doing fine but he has never been into any meaningful relationship in his life. For some ladies too, it’s the same thing, you hear them say “I have never had anyone care about me before and people even avoid me”.

Some others find it so hard to have or do anything sensible in life. They do every single thing the right way. It’s usually from one problem to another, every new week there is a new problem. Some individuals even notice the same pattern in their family tree but are not really sure about the way to break the cycle.

This is where some people bring the matter of genetics as a possible explanation. Indeed, genetics is a very important factor to consider, so are biological and environmental factors. The truth is, in as much as biological and environmental factors are important determinants in every individual’s life there are other things that are responsible for hindrances.

Not every delay one experiences is in accordance with the maker’s will. More often than it’s acknowledged, we wrestle against forces that are other than environmental, biological and family limitations. Sometimes we wrestle against forces that have been existent for 100’s of years. We don’t know them but they know us. Some refer to them as the “the whisperers”; you don’t tell them things yet they know all they need. You tell your plan to one or two people yet they are aware of everything. This is why the Yoruba’s say “Ogiri leti” (the walls have ears). It is for these reasons it is advised not to tell people everything about yourself no matter how much you trust them.

does my fragrance bring or repel people to me

How to fight against it

This is not a fairy tale; it is a very important issue that has costly repercussions on the life of people. The occurrence of this bad fragrance has led many to an early grave, especially as destitutes. It is important to note that the tell signs might not be all that obvious, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not existent. There are people going through this phenomenon that are not aware of it because to a very large extent things are looking good for them. It’s like being at a level and being so satisfied with it. You can compare it to having 5 million and being so happy when you should have surpassed the level of being a millionaire. It’s like being a tenant in a standard 2 bedroom flat when you are supposed to own the estate.

Speaking positively

Knowing how to tackle this issue is a very important aspect. Fighting off a bad fragrance or sign is dependent on one’s belief, culture or even religion. When you notice any of these issues, I would advise that you seek counselling from either your religious leader or teacher. Every religion has its methods of dealing with it. For those that might not have access to the above option I would recommend speaking positive words into your life.Positive speaking? Yes! positive speaking it works like magic. Positive speaking manifest into reality; this is why you have to be self-aware. You are scared about an upcoming presentation or interview, tell yourself I know this interview is going to work in my favor (of course, that’s after doing the needful by preparing).

Whenever you are apprehensive about how your week is going to turn out or about the reception your ongoing project is going to receive. It is best to speak and declare positive things into your life. To make it seem more real and believable I would advise you do this in front of a mirror. You see, what this does is that it produces a level of self-confidence that you need to have in order to achieve various task you put in motion. This is something I know many of us have heard several times. The problem however seems to lie in the fact that when most people practice this action, they do not continue with it. It is the habitual application of this method that brings about outstanding results.
Finally, it’s important to note that we learn a lot from a once hopeless situation because it presents enough information for a new path into a hopeful situation. It is hopeless situations that makes hopeful ones very recognizable and this should always drive us whenever the going gets tough.

If you missed the first part, you can read it HERE

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