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Hi! I am Oluwapelumi but you can call me, Lulu. I do not want to turn this into an essay. However, I do want you to read this and feel like you know me. I mostly consider myself a very creative person. I love to cook and multi-task. I happen to have studied History and Strategic studies (this doesn’t mean I will be posting historical articles often). My writings are inspired by my desire to understand behavioural patterns, psychological formation, sociological changes and cross-examine their effects in the world we live in today. This is my own little way of trying to make sense of things. I sometimes create videos on YouTube and offer my writing services to clients. I consider myself the best person to solve any problem on any given day. If you still are not satisfied with this knowledge of information, you can read my articles and follow me on social media. I do not necessarily share the same thoughts and ideas with your everyday person. I think that’s what makes me very unique. P.S I’m sure you are already in love with me, especially if you read this to the end.