Author: Princess Zachariah

My name is Zachariah Princess, I'm black and beautiful. I love wordplay, it forms a big part of my poems and yes, I'm a Poet but I major in Creative Writing. I'm not your regular type of writer. Personally, writing is a means to help society, express strong emotions, tackle societal issues, create awareness, project diverse opinions, and establish optimistic views that help people see the world from a different angle. Writing helps me take the world with no boundaries. I have delight in treating things with a legal approach, I find it necessary to know my right and my limits as a citizen, that's what motivated me to study law. With that brought to the limelight, I would love to reiterate that I'm a law student but it doesn't limit my mindset to only law-related articles. I worked as a ghostwriter for a blog for some time. Now, I'm an intern writer at Lulusarena. I generally love art, I'm a huge fan of artworks and I also love wafers. I believe there's no perfect writer and people read based on their paradigm. As a creative writer, I don't just think outside the box but I try to be the box to examine things from all dimensions.
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