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Is Tyler Perry’s The Oval Overrated?

The Oval is a BET soap Opera series that premiered on the 29th of October 2019. A Tyler Perry production, it is richly equipped with a brilliant cast. The first season of The Oval began to air on the 23rd of October 2019 and contains 25 episodes. I began to watch the tv show this June and consequently decided to do a review.

Main Cast

Tyler Perry oval cast

Ed Quinn as Mr President.

Kron Moore as the First Lady.

Paige Audrey Marie as Gayle Franklin, the First daughter.

Daniel Croix Henderson as Jason Franklin, the First son.

Javon Johnson as Richard Hallsen, the butler.

Ptosha Storey as Nancy Hallsen, the butler’s wife.

Vaughn W. Hebron as Barry Hallsen, the butler’s son.

Tyler Perry’s The Oval centres around the life and lifestyle of a newly elected biracial First family; a white President, his African American wife, and their children. A peek into their lifestyle behind closed doors shows that there is more to them than meets the eye. Although seemingly perfect, the family is not in any way perfect as they live and portray a false image to the press and public. They brought with them, to the White House, several secrets, and would go to any length to keep them from the prying eye of the public.


My review is based on 4 major aspects.

In terms of the Originality of the series, the oval has a very rich storyline that is very much relatable in our present society. It focuses on things not being as they appear.

The Oval portrays a family that has its share of secrets and chaos but presents itself to the world as a perfect family for various reasons. It, therefore, mirrors the fact that a lot of things that go on within the homes of people whether or not they are influential are not as they seem. This is definitely something anyone can relate to, either personally or the other way round.

For me, costumes, styling, and set design are important things to look out for in any movie. I want to see how the clothing tells the story, how the makeup on the characters fit into the theme. I look out for interior designs and I try to understand how or why a particular piece of furniture was used or why the main character decided to go with a particular colour and choice of clothing and what this says about the character and role being played.

This means that if you are showing a kidnapped scene, for instance, I want to see things that make it very much believable (I don’t know why I do this, but I’m usually always so curious). In this aspect, Tyler Perry’s The Oval was successful at mirroring and portraying a very believable Whitehouse in terms of aesthetics and design.

I particularly looked out for the styling of the First Lady. From her choice of clothing, makeup, hairstyling, and choice of shoes. There is no doubt that this is an integral part In delivering a successful portrayal of any role. The colours of the furniture, the walls, the size of rooms, the decoration of the Oval Office, the use of white, and mildly cool colours were integrated properly into every setting.

Some of the Cast

The First lady

I could not help but notice that the casting leaned towards the African-American community however this is not a problem especially when you consider the plot of the tv show. I am also of the opinion that the right choice of casting was made.

I was particularly impressed by the character of Victoria Franklin, the first lady who was played by Kron Moore. She is portrayed as the evil vile mother and wife who would do whatever it takes to protect her image and that of her family whether or not anyone accepted it. She understands that a powerful position requires compromise as long as it didn’t step in her way of power and control.

Watching from the screen of my tv, I myself was scared of Victoria Franklin and I sometimes found myself cringe in amazement at her actions. She alone understands the stakes and the sacrifices she has to make to keep the family together in power. A perfect example of Vile, intelligent, intentional, and deadly.

The President

Hunter Franklin, as the President acts as a president who seems disinterested in being a president. His focus is geared towards exploring his romantic and sexual pleasures rather than being the President of the United States. He seems to be an expert at knowing and doing things that would not only displease his wife, the First Lady but get her miserable. Honestly, Hunter has no business being responsible for anyone not to talk of a whole country.

However, in as much as the Tv show highlights the tumult in the marriage, there were times I wished there was yet another side to the couple. For example, regular scenes or episodes where both of them would ignore their differences and come together for the greater good. Unlike several Tv shows with a similar plot, Hunter is made out to be without any ambition, or desire to will power or intent. His character is made to come across as a very unambitious fellow whose duty is to follow the agenda of those who put him in power.

The First Daughter

Gayle Franklin as a character is a very interesting one. It is true that we have seen a troubled, privileged teenage kid depicted so many times on our Tv screens. However, she brings something different to her character and she’s able to get your attention in every scene. Ever being mischievous, it doesn’t take so long for you to wonder what she has up her sleeve.

Other times, you might just find yourself being sympathetic to her excesses wondering if there was a possibility she would have turned out to be a happier child if she had different parents. Then again, being abused physically and emotionally by her mother repeatedly there’s not really much surprise here.

The Butler’s wife

I need to state that the role played by Ptosha Storey was one major deciding factor in my decision to review this movie. At first, I was endeared to the character of Nancy Hallsen. She is portrayed as a woman with a good heart, forgiving, loving, and accepting. However, with the release of subsequent episodes, the character became very annoying to me. She begins to portray herself as being weak, too fearful, worriedly insecure, and excessively overbearing.

The First son

Jason Franklin, an undoubtedly troubled kid. The First son’s character portrays him as a pervert. He lurks about the presidential residence naked in a bid to entice ladies. Funny right? His intention is mostly to amuse and please himself sexually irrespective of how uncomfortable or inappropriate it may appear or make you feel.

Tyler Perry's Oval

Dialogue, tone, and mood.

The story is a genuine and creative concept. A dysfunctional biracial first family that would do whatever it takes to hold power, remain in power as well as protect their image. Despite the amazing story, the dialogues to me were sort of lacking at one point or the other. At times, it felt like some scenes were overacted and overdone. I oftentimes found myself fast-forwarding so many scenes because they seemed unnecessary. Beyond the issue of bad dialogues and flat conversations, I think the Tv show is satisfying and a must-watch. Right now, I’m looking forward to episode 22 of the oval.

Finally, In fact, began to follow the tv show this June. I had initially seen clips from the show several times but I just felt discouraged watching the movie probably because of the title The Oval. I really was not interested in watching yet another Tv show about the President of the United States. There are countless Tv shows based on that already. I, even so, went ahead to stream the movie and after watching, I fell in love with the first episode. It felt no nice to see Tyler Perry’s interpretation of the White House and all of the affairs. It’s worthy to note that The oval does not focus on the political affairs in the White House but rather the personal day to day drama of the family in the White House. I also have to mention, if you are someone who loves Tv shows with hot, romantic, steaming sexual scenes, then this a show for you. As the tv show continues to air, I would give updates on my review and ratings. However, so far so good my rating is 70/100

I am looking forward to your opinion on the Tv show. If you have any questions regarding the tv show or any other one, please feel free to drop them in the comment section.




Why i love the Garba Album by Jesse Jagz.

Jesse Jagz, on 29th of May 2020, released a 5 tracked EP and I have received several requests for me to review GARBA. On this note, I have decided to review the album. Before listening, I was very curious about this new project considering the fact that Jesse Jagz last released an album, Odysseus, in 2017.

The EP.

Genre: Rap

Produced by Jesse Jagz, Geekbeatz, Misty

The Album review


“G” which is the first song on the album features The Anchorman who begins with rhyming spoken words after which we begin to hear Jesse Jagz rap. The ambiance during this period was very calm and enlightening as the Anchorman raised some very important issues. “G” is a 7:49 minutes song. Isn’t that lengthy? you might ask but the truth is I didn’t really notice it not until I peeped the screen of my phone to see the details of the song. Jesse Jagz gives us an insight into his family intricacies; how his father wasn’t really present in his life. He talks about how things became so hard when his father was laid off and his mum eventually retired.

jesse jagz garba album

He speaks on how his parents despite not having enough still helped people. He explains how his dad being a flirt affected the family and how his mum tolerated a lot. He talks about how his mom told him to “run” (move away) in order to seek for greener pastures. He then begins to talk about his relationships and how he used to be naive, how was always trying to explain the reasons for some of his decisions in life. He spoke about not being able to finish his higher education and how when he first went back home, he didn’t have anything to show.

He speaks about how he had to sleep on the floor, he claims it was these challenges that led him to pursue his solo career and how at the initial stage of his solo career he felt like he was stuck in a slow motion. He talks about how he had to avoid the police because he didn’t have much and was stuck in the cold hustling.

The second song of the album titled “A”

The song was basically centered on “J” town. Jesse Jagz describes a picture of the intimate moments he had with girls and how this had led to strange attractions from girls. Here, he calls himself “J town’s Tupac Shakur”. Then he talks about the first time he heard himself on the tv while with his mom. He later describes a violent incident that happened in Jtown where someone got shot in the head 7 times; how law enforcement officers basically did nothing about it. He continues to rap about how religious, government organizations as well as media houses never really tell the whole story.

He talks about occasions in Jos where gas was released on the streets and guns were being made locally and several youths became radicalized. He explains that the situation was enough to cripple anyone mentally and emotionally. He continues by saying “there are many reasons on the planet you might get killed by Jesus or Mohammed” alluding to the various crisis that has been caused by fanatics in the name of religion.

 “R” featuring Mr. Murph

This was by far my favorite track of the album. The track brought a fuji & folk twist to the album. This was the only track I listened to twice before writing this review given that I love to listen to an album just once before reviewing it. I discovered that this way, I’m able to give an unbiased review of the song. The chorus was a memorable one; it called on people not to just “denge pose” and instead vibe to the music and dance. Jesse Jags begins to dish out sincere praise of himself (you know how rappers do their thing). He talks about how his work is on a foreign level. Here he refers to himself as a King and Emperor.

Baby, do you know what Jaga isThis was my favorite sentence of the song as it has now turned to my own national anthem. He continues to rap and refers to himself as the “tree” while others and others the branch.


This is a 3:42 seconds song. It centers on relationships and issues that arise when partners have different or conflicting dreams, visions, and desires. The emperor gives us a picture of some of the relationships he has been into in the past. He says “If a partner leaves, they will come back and even if they don’t someone else would eventually. He tells us a story of how his first girlfriend left him because she wanted something fancy which he couldn’t provide at that time. He goes further to talk about another girl who even with the fact that she loved rap couldn’t cope. He says he now knows that even if he runs to & fro girls will come and go.

He talks about how people only pursue plastic relationships and shy away from something real. He encourages people not to be down when things do not really go in their favor because nothing lasts forever. He then continues to talk about times he had music shows and he was with a particular girl who broke up with him through text and not even in person. He gives yet another story where the girl made him feel like she was head over heels for him. He says their sex life was heavenly and how she has told him about her ex who didn’t treat her right and so he made up his mind not to be him.



The final track on the album is a 3:50 minutes song. Jesse jagz opening begins by saying life is the greatest thing but making money is the next best thing. I love the fact that he sang in this track; I love it when a rapper sings honestly. Here, he says money keeps things in life interesting instead of hunger, worry, and pain that lack of money brings. Jesse emphasizes that love and peace is good but love and peace cannot really be achieved when there is hunger, worry, and lack of money. He says love has not really paid no one because of the human nature. He emphasizes that Peace itself has never come in a hurry.

My Thoughts

The album which was 24:41 minutes long was a very intimate album for me. The album introduced us to some very important parts of his life and past. For instance, “G” gave us an insight into the upbringing of Jesse jagz, the atmosphere with which he grew in and how this molded his decision and path in life. When i listened to the first track, I felt for sure that was going to be my favorite track of the album until I listened to “R” andI fell in love. The beat was amazing and i couldn’t help but play it several times and listened carefully in order to figure out the particular instrument used in the creation of the beat (I can be very curious sometimes😀).

He told us a story with this album; I love a good storyteller. He touched some socio-political issues here & there in “A”. I loved it when used words such as “yaada things” “the emperor baby”. We also got to know about a few of the challenges he has had in his relationships in “B” &”A”. As regards Jesse’s rapping, I felt he made the right choice with the choice of words and flows. However, I would have loved it more if it had taken cognizance of the order with which he told his stories in the rap. By either picking an ascending or descending order of events. It helps the listener to be able to have a clearer picture.

In all, Jesse Jagz was not shy to tell his story and even give us a peek into aspects of his life that would ordinarily make anyone feel vulnerable. This is why I always say, whatever your platform, don’t be afraid to tell your story because you never know who you would be impacting. For these reasons, I have decided to rate the album a 6/10. By the way, I lovveeeddddd the twist in album’s title.

You can let me know your thoughts in the comment section.





My Unbiased Review Of Miracle In Cell No.7 (Turkish version)

If one really wants to know how justice is administered in a country, one does not question the protected, policemen, the lawyers, or the rich ones… one goes to the unprotected; those, precisely, who need the law’s protection most and listens to their testimony– James Baldwin.

The veracity of the above quote was represented in the plot of Miracle In Cell No 7 which portrayed the level of the injustice of the poor, weak and disadvantaged.

The storyline centers around a young girl, Ova (Nisa Sofiya Aksongur), and her father, Memo (Aras Bulut Iynemli) who is a shepherd in Turkey.  Memo has a cognitive disorder however he still manages to have a very interesting relationship with his daughter, making use of interesting words, slangs, and terms which become their personal way of understanding themselves. Initially confused as to why her father acted differently from other parents, Ova questions her “Nana”. Her Nana replies by saying “Your father is the same age as you”. Ova’s father, Memo because of his condition, sees the world differently.

You can attest to this in a scene when Ova pointed at the sky and asked her father to tell her what it was. People referred to him as a nitwit and felt that he had lost his senses. The movie progresses by introducing yet another main character, his mother who is referred to as “Nana”. “Nana” understands her son and has a lot of empathy when she looks at him.

An incident occurs that leads to Memo, who is mentally impaired to be falsely accused. It was a painful incident for his family. They understood Memo to be a timid, fragile, and innocent man who only wants his little Ova to be happy. Ova, as little as she is trying to clear her father’s name by trying to get a witness to the incident to come forward. He gets accused of killing a General’s daughter who in turn uses his power and position to influence the legal proceedings against Memo.

Memo is therefore forced and tortured to sign a false confession taking responsibility for what he did not do. His mental health condition is also ignored consequently leading to his trial as well as the execution verdict.miracle in cell 7

Memo’s time in prison is an eventful one as he becomes a target of violence and bullying. The prisoners however discover Memo was falsely accused and so they begin to strategize ways to prove his innocence. Memo’s character and personality continue to endear him to the rest of the prisoners.

They were all too convinced that he could not hurt anyone let alone kill a little girl. The rest of the movie takes us through an emotional roller coaster as we see the various moves and counter moves from the characters; the General on one side, the cellmates, the wardens, and Memo’s family on the other.

The movie was based on the 2013 South Korean film Miracle In no 7 Cell which was directed by Lee Hwan-Kyung and was produced on the 25th of December 2019.

My thoughts on the movie. 

I personally do not like to watch movies where I have to read the subtitles while watching but i didn’t mind at all after the opening scenes. The more time I spent in the movie, the more i got captivated by the storyline.

The movie was successful at mirroring many improper practices that go on in our present society. The movie was spot on at activating some very strong emotional reactions. To put it in another way, if you are an emotional or sensitive person it’s advisable you brace yourself before watching the movie because you might be surprised at your emotional response to the movie. In terms of the performance of the characters, the main characters did a superb job of interpreting their characters and roles in the movie.

The two main characters, Ova and Memo had the perfect level of understanding and rapport. The chemistry makes you imagine things while watching them play the character. As a father or a young man, you lay on your couch and begin to imagine what you would do if you were in Memo’s position faced with the possibility of not seeing your child again. I, for one, could not help but wish that there would be a plot twist where Ova’s mum appears as a wealthy influential woman and take care of the little girl.

In terms of cinematography, I’m particularly impressed by the scenes that captured closeup shots of the father-daughter relationship. It really highlighted their emotions causing the audience to literally feel their joy and pain. Honestly, I found myself sheepishly smiling and at other times breaking a tear.

My favorite part of this movie was the part where Ova pointed to the cloud and asked her father what it was and he said “a sheep”, she pointed to the sky and he said “another sheep with smaller ears”, pointed to a rock and he replied “a one-eyed giant”. Finally, apart from the strong emotional storyline of Miracle in a cell no 7 that sort of appealed to our emotional sentiments the movie was somewhat void of anything spectacular.

My rating 60/100

I would love to know what you think about the movie in the comment section.


How to love Yourself

Hello guys! I trust you all are keeping safe? I have decided to write on how to love one’s self but then I thought to myself. What better way to do this than to use Demi Lovato’s “I love me” song? I love me was released on the 6th of March 2020 as part of her lead single from her seventh upcoming studio album. I know that you have probably seen and read several articles on self-love as well as movies portraying the importance of self-love. However, I have decided to adopt an unusual style by using Demi’s single which tells a fascinating story about her struggles with narcotics, depression, and criticisms. Going forward, the body of this article will therefore contain:

  1.  A short background of Demi’s life
  2. The
  3. My review.
  4. Guidelines on how to love one’s self.

Demi Lovato

Demi was born in 1992, she is a singer, songwriter, and actress. Her journey to fame began at a very young age of nine. For those of you that didn’t know, she portrayed a character in Barney and friends. She’s a pop, pop-rock, and RnB singer. She has in the past struggled with several issues. She claims her father was mean and abusive and the effect was what spilled over as her having daddy issues during adulthood. She has been open about her struggles with depression and various eating disorders. Lovato is bipolar and has had a long history of drug abuse. She became addicted to drugs at a very young age. At a point, she celebrated her 6 years of sobriety after which she relapsed again. In giving her reasons for this, she explained ” I wasn’t working on my progress. I wasn’t ready to get sober. I was sneaking it on planes, sneaking it in bathrooms, sneaking it throughout the night. Nobody knew”. In July 2018 she overdosed on heroin and was rushed to the hospital. 18 months after, she’s still healing and decided to drop her 7th album. She has earned numerous awards including four Billboard Music Awards,2 Grammy award nominations, and holds a Guinness World Record.


The 3:26 seconds song contains two (2) verses and a bridge which was written by Demi and other writers.

The music piece tells a fascinating story about her personal experience and struggles. In Verse 1, she sings and tells us a story about how she often gets influenced by what she reads and sees in the magazines and how it dictates her life and image. Saying it has shined the light on her imperfections rather than her potentials and talent. She addresses her eating habits and bad choices as well as not having control over it . She criticizes herself for being an expert in giving love to somebody else rather than herself. In the chorus, she condemns herself for comparing herself to everyone while self-destructing (maybe alluding her struggles with drugs and alcohol). She continues to talk about her journey with looking for love; a kind of love she described as ” ride or die”.

In verse 2. she sings about internet trolling and her effort in dealing with judgment from trolls. She claims that their criticisms have seemingly bought a first-class ticket in her head and mind. Invariably sabotaging the image she has of herself. In the bridge of the song which was the concluding part we continue to hear a now confident Demi concluding that in as much as shes usually under heavy criticism, she’s always the first to criticize herself. She ends this by saying even when she’s not ‘her’ best she’s still the best.demi love yourself

How To Love Yourself

Avoid falsies

Be careful not to use standards portrayed in the media as a measuring parameter for yourself. Over the years, an increasing number of young women are increasingly suffering from self-esteem problems. This can be traced back to poorly written scripts in movies as well as various falsehoods being popularized everywhere. The truth is, not everything on social platforms is true. Yes! you are imperfect. Yes! you have made a few mistakes that do not make you damaged. It is your imperfections that make you unique, perpetually showing forth the very essence of your being.

Support System

It’s okay to have challenges, it’s not the end of the world. There comes a point in everyone’s life where they battle with one thing or the other. This is indeed a crucial time and having a support system is very important. When you need help, seek it. This does not make you a weakling but rather a strong person. It is only a strong and brave person that can admit to needing help. So many people are unhappy, secretly dealing with depression, battling with one addiction or the other, yet they keep these to themselves. Nowadays, there seems to be a whole lot of stigma associated with asking for help and so most times we feel the best thing for us to do is to keep our secrets. We mustn’t let that deter us from seeking help. Support could come in the form of friends, family members, group meetings, and so on.

Self-love and living healthy

Self-love is important but you can not fully love anyone until you know how to love yourself. The same also applies to others loving you. No one wants to love anyone incapable of loving themselves. This is because it would never be good enough for them. Loving one’s self includes living a healthy life and making healthy decisions. This can be a very challenging thing to do because many unhealthy things we do are in fact very addictive or have even turned to habits. This would indeed require loads of discipline. These two are consequently important factors that help shape the rest of our lives.

Do not be scared of being criticized

The fear of being criticized as well as the criticism itself has led many people to a state of downward spiraling. Some begin to find outlets to ease the rejection or discomfort. This has resulted in so many seeking solace from drugs or even alcohol. It is not all criticism you open your ears to. In fact, not every critic would be gentle and not all criticisms are false. However, Instead of seeking people’s approval why not seek improvement?

Finally, i hope the article has been helpful in more ways than none in highlighting the importance of self-love above anything else. I’m hopeful that you enjoyed the twist with the song as well as the mini-review . You can let me know what you think in the comment section.



Jesus Said Use Your Head by A-Q and M.I Abaga.

Award-winning Nigerian rapper M.I Abaga comes through with a new track titled “Jesus Said Use Your Head” in the Extended Play “The Live Report” with A-Q. Over the past few days, I have gotten a few requests from people to review the song. I was excited as I was listening to this particular track because of the strong message it contained. Despite the title of the song, it was successful at achieving great feats by addressing major issues that cut across all religious, ethnic groups and various classes of people in the society. The song is part of a 6 tracked EP titled The Live Report written by A-Q and M.I which was released on the 13th of April.

The Song.

Structure of the song

Bridge→Hook→Verse 1(A-Q)→Verse 2(M.I)→Hook

The first verse begins with A-Q introducing us to the importance of holy communion which he describes as the ”communion of the Apostles”. A.Q goes on to rap about knowing more than many of “your” pastors but indicates that people are usually quick to call it “sacrilege”. He talks about how men of God ask people to pay tithe but won’t give the right scriptural backings. He claims that even after paying the tithe, they never do anything to save the poor among their congregation. The rapper goes further to talk about how people fail to enlighten themselves by reading their bibles but will instead run after pastors who then manipulate the word of God and eventually continued to hammer on the importance of having knowledge of the bible because it gives power.

To him, its the power got from the knowledge of the word of God that leads to a rebirth for a child of God. In the next few rap lines, we begin to hear him delve into the practices of some worship centers comparing their actions with that of Jesus. At this point, you hear him say “ Jesus cast demons with “words”, not with “brooms and canes”, not with “crosses and chains”(perhaps referring to a particular sect…hehe…its like this A-Q likes gbas gbos). He goes further to talk about the wicked hearts of men tracing men to the generation of Cain.

A-Q then spoke about the ill-treatment of children as well as people who work and render their services to the church but are not taken care of in the name of doing God’s work. He alluded to (Matthew 19:14) “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to them – NIV “. He speaks about the habitual recital of the lord’s prayer by so many people who do not understand its in-depth meaning.

He addresses how easy it is to be brainwashed by people who preach on Sunday mornings and asserts that this often happens only happens when you lack the knowledge and understanding of what you ought to know. Another important issue the verse identifies is the punishment of children harshly. He prescribes teaching them things they ought to know so it passes on to their own kids. He condemns the saying “spare the rod and spoil the child ” and raises the question as to whether men of God practice the same in their homes.

Religion is your Prison and ignorance will be your synonym, “ he says as he tells people not to judge him. He calls on believers to aim to be Christlike. A-Q continues by saying Jesus called out the Pharisees when they did not act right and ask why people become hypocritical when the bad actions of men of God get condemned. He goes further by asking people to be properly informed in order to get their facts right before gunning for his head because he is not actually saying these things in order to trend. He finally wraps up saying he’s not trying to get anyone confused but only trying to shine a light on the fact that more than half of “your men of God” are not in any way Christlike.use your head mi aq abaga

The second verse, which was M.I’s introduced us to some sought of a monologue addressed to God. “I know you said touch not my anointed but i’m just so disappointed”, he said. He continues to reveal his confused state of not knowing who God is speaking through. He talks about a particular incident here when says “Did you not see the ceiling was falling? did you not hear her screaming …”. He expresses his thoughts about men of God who have been accused of stealing and committing all sorts of atrocities and how he refuses to mention names because it meant career homicide.

M.I puts a very important question out there when he utters “Who’s going to prophesy for those who tell prophecies for profit”. Like A-Q, he speaks about the ignorance in the church and how a few friends of his have actually been hurt. M.I Abaga revealed that he finds himself hoping that Christ would one day come for those who actually yearn for him.

He goes into another monologue and talks about the various noise and distractions around him. He reveals having a “me and you” type of friendship dynamics with God and not just religion . To him, its not favor over labor (perhaps referring to his career and life) but his readiness to put in the work when there’s an assurance of favour (results). He delves into the importance of how the treatment of those around us manifest into God’s mercy and provision upon our lives. By bringing up the problem of our electoral system in the country and how policies and favorable implementations take place based on who you are voting for, He utters “You asked for our voters’ ID and asked who did you vote in place”. The rapper described how the answer to this question ultimately defines the level of security, healthcare, or better roads made available in your region. M.I Abaga calls on those who are addicted to religion and urges them to pay their taxes send their children to school regardless of their genders for them to “truly see” that God is good. M.I delves into the present crisis going on in the country as regards the Covid19 pandemic and urges people to give offerings and donations to the church to divert it to the poor and hungry who have no means to fend for themselves. He urges the political leaders to pay doctors and treat them well so they can help fight diseases. He concludes by alluding that Christ is the “shepherd”, humans “the sheep” and called unto Christians not to allow another “sheep” to lead them wrongly.

M.I Abaga and A-Q are two of Nigeria’s top rappers and their synergy on this new project is amazing and we totally love it.

My Thoughts

The song was successful in the highlighting of various ills going on in the church as well as society. M.I and A-Q gave us an enlightening song without diminishing the quality of the song lyrically and sound-wise. However, for me, it would have been nice to hear them articulate some of those issues brought up. The uniqueness of the song is in the fact that , it resounds the reality that an individual can be intellectually sound and serve God.

It re-echoes the need to acquire knowledge in order to be free from the shackles of manipulation, falsehood, and mental slavery. Ultimately, it was definitely appealing to hear these two amazing artistes talk about controversial issues. I do not necessarily agree with everything that M.I and A-Q were saying in the song, one thing is however certain, the song evokes some sort of response in the mind as you listen. Overall, Jesus Said Use Your Head captivated me. In simpler words, it is worth the hype!!!

You can share your thoughts on the song in the comment section.


My heart goes out to all the people who have been affected my the Covid19 Virus as well as those that have lost a loved one.

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