Has boarding school overstayed its welcome

Has boarding School overstayed its welcome?

Written by Abiodun Apoeso

I feel the mysterious death of Sylvester Oromoni, the 12-year-old student of Dowen College should trigger a debate on the relevance of boarding school in this age and time.

I may be wrong but I think the boarding school system has overstayed its welcome in today’s world where we have good schools scattered everywhere.

It may be a good practice when good schools were few and parents had to send their children to the best of schools far away from their homes, but not now anymore.

While I will not force my style of parenting on anyone. I feel sending my children to a boarding school is outsourcing my responsibility as a parent. If I cannot take time to care for my child, I doubt if any school can provide the same even if paid billions of naira.

Besides, those who attended boarding schools are not better than their mates academically or morally. So why should I prefer a boarding school to a day school where I can be actively involved in day to day raising of my own child? Why should I outsource my responsibility to strangers? Why?

The horrible stories of bullying, cheating and stealing, perpetrated in boarding schools I’ve heard from those who attended boarding schools cannot encourage me to send my children to boarding school no matter how well packaged they are.

An environment full of fear, bullying, intimidation and oppression, cannot produce brilliant children.

The other day, a little girl died mysteriously in one big Abuja boarding school. We heard that she was sexually abused but the school denied it. I’m sure that case has been swept under the carpet.

Another innocent boy was beaten to death for failing to do his assignment by his teacher in one government-owned boarding school recently. This trend is scary and something must be done to stop it.

While I pray God consoles the Oromoni”s over the loss of their son, I pray harder that justice will be served. Justice for young Oromoni is not for the Oromoni or their dead son but for our society.

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