We live in an age where relationships barely stand the test of time. Things that used to work before are gradually changing. Everyone is becoming ‘‘woke’’. Thus, altering the status quo. _ Oladayo Dawodu

Love, that strong emotion you have towards someone so much that you can do anything and everything for the individual involved. Looking at this statement, is that what love truly entails? I bet you all have different definitions of what love is because truly love isn’t one dimensional. What Bryan perceives as love isn’t going to be what Shonda feels love is. In fact, if you google the definition of love, you’d see 68,900,000 results. So then, what really is love? And how do we know if it will ever be enough? Sit back and let’s take a stroll in the park…

For context, the love we’re analysing is within the arm-bits of a romantic relationship. Y’all will recall being taught about love in either primary or secondary school. Yunno, the agape, platonic and blah blah blah types of love. For here, na romantic love we dey yarn.. The ‘‘To All The Boys’’ kinda love thingy. The classic boy meets girl, boy catches feelings, boy shoots shot, girl catches the shot and falls, after doing a helluva “shakara“. Then few weeks or months later, they begin the journey of love and it either ends in tears or ends in the Disney ‘‘They lived happily ever after’’.

We live in an age where relationships barely stand the test of time. Things that used to work before are gradually changing. Everyone is becoming ‘‘woke’’. Thus, altering the status quo. The best example of this newly formed “wokeness” is Twitter. That place is a mad street entirely. So many people doling out opinion they do not practice in actual reality.

love can be enough

The previous generations, though massively flawed, have still maintained their relationship, E be like say dem use gorilla glue hold the foundation down. However, we in this generation can barely hold a relationship for more than 3 months. Why? because everyone is “woke”, no-one wants to put in the effort, any little misunderstanding, boom! Break up. If another person has it more than your partner in terms of finances, beauty, intelligence or what have you. It’s enough reason for people to have their release clause triggered. It begs the question, is love truly enough? If you ask me, if it was enough, we wouldn’t have a lot of broken relationships and, marriages in this generation.

I remember during my NYSC days, as the Vice President of my CDS group, one of the things I did was to anchor a group discussion where we talked about different issues. On that particular Thursday, the question I threw to the house was: IS LOVE EVER ENOUGH IN RELATIONSHIPS? Of course, everyone was interested as they had one or two things to say. We had a wholesome discussion and fortunately we also had married Corps-members around who also added their 50 cents… Go Shawty!

I can imagine your thoughts as well. Some of you will tilt in the direction of love being enough, while some will pitch their tents in the camp of love not being enough. It’s really a double-edged sword if we really want to be realistic. So, yeah people that believe love should be enough think so because of the nature of love. Love is pure, selflessness, deep affection, sacrifice. It goes on and on. Like I said earlier, love is being ready to do anything and everything for your partner irrespective of what life throws at you. With all these, love according to them should be enough. Personally, I feel like this must be the reason why a large percentage of our parent’s marriages have lasted over 25 years. If you look at it, many of them were married off, many didn’t love their partners initially, while some actually loved their partners. Also, many of these marriages were not financially strong, but then they stuck to one another, loved one another, made it work and we the offspring of that union are reaping the benefits. Long story short, that’s enough reason to show that love can truly be enough because no reasonable person will choose to stay in such a union with someone they don’t love. I know there are lapses in this statement, but that’s a story for another day.

To the people that feel love isn’t enough, many of them speak from the materialistic point of view. Of course, they had valid reasons for such an angle. I often say, love is sweet but it is sweeter when there is money involved and even sweetest when both parties have money. As a man, it is not enough for you to just say you love a lady, you have to show it. What better way can you show you love a woman without money being involved. Money is needed, it is essential. It drives the relationship; it makes it sweeter. Hell! No lady wants to suffer, no! scratch that! nobody wants to suffer, we all want to live our best lives, we all want to “relass and be taken kairof”. So, if you don’t have money, biko, try your best possible to focus on yourself and get the beg before shooting shots at women, because “I LOVE YOU” won’t pay the bills. Ladies are special creatures and they should be treated as such. Truly, I don’t blame girls that dump their struggling boyfriends for rich dudes, I mean not everybody can be Mitchell Obama, but then everyone wants to be comfortable. So yeah, in this parlance, love really isn’t enough.

Story ti fe ma long, so I am just gonna wrap it up here. To my guys, hustle o! make your bag, you deserve a lady that will complement you in every ramification. Hell, shoot your shots at women that are independent, women that know what they want. And if you’re fortunate to get their love, treat them right and don’t be an asshole. To my ladies, y’all are special, beautiful and unique in your different ways. Strive to be an asset, a person guys will have to go the extra mile before they can get your attention. I’m talking about that independent, boss-chick that no-one can toss around like a piece of cheese. And if you’re fortunate to get a responsible brotherman who will always put you first, biko be his peace. Remember, love is sweet but it is sweeter when there is money involved and even sweetest when both parties have money. If this is the case, I believe LOVE can truly be ENOUGH!!!



Oladayo Dawodu, popularly known as Dre, is a graduate of History and Strategic Studies with a background in Mass Communications and keen interests in Digital Communication, Public Relations & broadcasting. Proven Content Specialist with substantial experience in the media sphere. He is articulate, confident, relish challenges and enjoys getting tasks done on time. His greatest strengths are his research, communication, writing and analytic skills. He strives to achieve the highest standards in any given task. Fun fact, he has bilingual knowledge of French and Spanish. You can connect with him on Twitter: @dideedre IG: @dideedre Facebook: Dawodu Oladayo Oluwadamilare.

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  1. Very interesting write up my guy, Dre. However, I have a question. If we say love is enough, why is it that despite the both lovers (I mean the guy and the girl)confessing their love for each other they still breakup after having a small argument or misunderstanding? They most times just decide to end the relationship or marriage.

    1. @Onaolapo Olajide,thanks for reading through. Now to your question, the major reason people call it quits is because they most times don’t want to put in effort to make the relationship or marriage work. Misunderstandings are bound to happen in relationships but what makes it worthwhile is the ability for both parties to be willing to make it work. That’s where understanding, patience, compromise, sacrifices come into play. It’s quite unfortunate that we’re in the era where both men and women no longer want to put in effort to sustain their relationships, so like you said, when there’s a misunderstanding, they tend to take the easy way out: Break Up.

  2. I enjoyed every bit of the write up. Keep it up Dre

    1. Thank you.

  3. Oh this is a nice content. Got my attention. Not because it talked about love. Lol or maybe sha. But you got my attention and kept it till the end. Weldone

  4. I enjoyed every bit. When money enter love is sweeter and when both parties have money love is sweetest ????… Gift me I gift you✌️

    1. Thank you. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Gift me, I gift you. The love will flow easily and effortlessly.If at all there are issues, it’s definitely not going to be financial related issues. That’s were all other pillars that hold the foundation of the relationship come into play: Patience, Understanding, Compromise, Trust..just to mention a few.

  5. This is a good write-up Dre, Kudos. To be honest you did justice to both perspectives.

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