The life Update of a Tired Nigerian.

My life update as a writer


I have been meaning to write about myself for a while but I found it hard to do. I keep telling myself how I could just write lies and no one would know a thing. After putting so much into consideration, I have decided to subtly give it a try in this piece.

The last couple of weeks have been so hectic for me on all fronts.  From dealing with issues relating to career to matters of the heart and every other thing else.

I really do not know how remote workers are meant to survive in this country. Remote working is expensive in Nigeria. You have to worry about the cost of mobile data which is mostly unreliable. You also have to worry about the constant power supply and the environmental factors.

I have honestly had to relocate to a friend’s place for a couple of hours just because someone decided to throw a very loud party on my street. I could barely hear myself speak talkless of other people.

You try to explain to people how challenging it could be working from home, they just look at you and term you as “chopping life”.

Electricity palava

I have been relying on a power bank to power my gadgets and I have had to call friends here & there to allow me to charge in their houses.  My phone’s battery has seriously degraded so it’s not an exaggeration when I say that my power banks have saved me a bit of stress.

The Buka experience 

Some days ago, I went to get Amala at one Buka close to where I live. I had been in a meeting for over 7hours and I hadn’t had breakfast as of 4:30 pm that day.

I got there and I met a queue of people ordering for what they wanted.

After sighting what the person in front of me had ordered, I decided to follow suit and opt for Fufu rather than Amala.

I began to speak, “I want 2 fufu!”. The attendee responded, “with what soup?”. I replied, “Egusi”.

She asks again “what else?” I said, “2 ponmo and fish”, pointing at the fish I wanted. She looks up at me and says “500 naira ni Eja o” (the fish is 500naira). I responded to her, by nodding. Then she picked up one funny 😄 looking fish and that’s when the confusion began!

I gestured 👋 to her with my hands and said “ I don’t want that, I want a bigger one”. She looks at me and walks away with my food 🤣. 5 seconds later she was back with two other people.

One of them looks at me and says “Aunty e so Yoruba”( Please speak Yoruba). I replied in English that I had forgotten how to say exactly what I wanted in Yoruba. Trust me! I was too hungry to remember how to speak a language I wasn’t fluent in.

Holding my food in her hand, the lady gave me this “if you don’t answer me now, I will attend to someone else look”.  At this point, it was clear I had to just gesture at the pot of stew to explain what I wanted.

Whew! It wasn’t a funny incident as I was in a rush to get my food quickly as I had another meeting in a few minutes.

My Editor

As I write this, it doesn’t feel right talking about myself. It’s 2 am and I just finished snacking on carrot 🥕 and I decided to just take a pen and write. My editor asked me to talk about my struggles for the last few days. In his words, take your readers on a journey into your world.

That’s what I’m trying to do!

A little gossip between me and you y’all, I think it’s because I’m pretty upset with him. I believe this topic is an excuse for him to probably get me into writing as I haven’t been doing much of that on this blog. It is also a ploy for him to know and understand where my head’s at & what I have been up to. I hope he reads this and loves it!


I’m so tempted to talk about love and relationships. Like sort of personalising it in this article. I’m very passionate about issues relating to love but I think I would postpone it for another article. My candid advice to you all would be not to date down this year. Simply put, in all you do as regards finding a romantic partner, do not date down.

We are in the month of March and all I will say about love is

1. Don’t date down

2. Run away from drama

3. If you don’t have a relationship, don’t worry. So many people are going through hell in their relationships. Just take your time!

4. Don’t go into any relationship if you are not ready for all it entails.

Unbearably hot weather

What kind of storyteller will I be giving if I don’t talk about what I have been complaining about every single day. It’s been unbearably hot and if I had some powers I would use it mainly to make the sky cry. Not just for it to cry 😂 but for it to cry every two-three days.

I was able to get a rechargeable fan last week but it’s not really doing much as it only blows hot air for a short period. I have to worry about charging it as the battery life does not last long.

Friendships: I Just Dey my Dey.

So, as many of you know, I fail woefully in the friendship department. I like to dey my dey (I like to be by myself). My old friends are still my friends. (I’m going to blame my zodiac sign for this despite my not believing in it). I’m blaming my zodiac sign for it and as good people reading this article, you are going to agree with me 😒.

I read somewhere that Capricorns find it hard trusting people and this makes them have only a few friends. In case you didn’t know, Capricorns make great friends! We are loyal, funny, and dependable, and while we may not be the best communicators, our actions speak louder than words.

I’m sure you can see that I’m pretty much a boring person. Thanks a bunch for reading through my short but honest life update.  Please let me know your thoughts.



  1. Lulu, I can totally understand what you are going through and I hope things pick up soonest.

    Sending you love all the way from Port Harcourt.💕💕

  2. Lulu, I understand how tough things get and how difficult it is to navigate life sometimes. I hope it picks up eventually.

    I’m sending you love all the way from Port Harcourt. 💕💕💕

  3. Hey hun, I get it! Like I freaking get it. I could relate with nearly everything you wrote (except the Buka episode, which by the way was downright hilarious!). I love this piece.
    One question though: What does it mean to date down?

    1. Hiya! it’s nice that someone gets it! I like that you found the Buka part hilarious 😅. On your question, dating down involves entering a relationship with someone with a much lower income, emotional intelligence, less material possessions, or a far lower income-earning potential.
      Thank you for reading, Bridget.

  4. Nice piece Namesake 😉
    The Buka part is truly hilarious (so hunger Dey catch you like this 🤣) thought you don’t eat o 😀
    Also, the love part, were you being led to advice us or you said that from a personal experience?
    Hmmm, zodiac sign 🤔, honestly, that’s just an excuse, it’s not generally accepted… you see this friendship/love thingy, you just have to be intentional about it, if not, one will fail and keep putting blame on innocent signs (and symbols 😀)

    It’s no doubt we all are going through a lot, especially as Nigerians (so one of the ways to ensure we don’t drift completely from making and keeping friends/lover is to be intentional… My opinion though ✌️

    My one cent… if you cannot make new friends, please keep the old ones especially the good and genuine ones, you see this life ehn (Nigeria), you need people like them to survive

    Lemme come and be going, 🚶🏻‍♂️small thing, I don turn motivational speaker 🤣🤣

    1. Dear namesake, you really took your time with this comment and I love it!

      About the hunger and Buka buhaha 😂, I like that you found it hilarious.

      As regards the love part, you do know someone can write about something from a personal view and it didn’t necessarily happen to them right?

      I would like to say I have seen my fair share of life and I’m very observant of people & cultures around me.

      About the friendship thingy, I do not believe in Zodiac signs (I believe I mentioned this in the article). Adding it into the article was my way of doing what people do. Isn’t that what people do nowadays? We tend to blame it all on zodiac signs. So pardon me 😅.

      I have a new friend of course and they are amazing! But then again there are friends, close friends, super close friend and not so close friends. The truth is they are all still friends.

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts, Oluwapelumi.

  5. Nice write up, friend but I think you have not really told us if you are in a relationship or not. I can’t wait to come and eat at least two plates of Amala and rice on your wedding day 😂

    1. Dear Jide, I can neither confirm or deny anything at this time😀. About the plates of food, don’t worry you will have more self 😂

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