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Hi! I am Oluwapelumi but you can call me, Lulu. I do not want to turn this into an essay. However, I do want you to read this and feel like you know me. I mostly consider myself a very creative person. I love to cook and multi-task. My writings are inspired by my desire to understand behavioural patterns, psychological formation, and sociological changes and cross-examine their effects in the world we live in today. This is my little way of trying to make sense of things. I consider myself the best person to solve any problem on any given day. I do not necessarily share the same opinions and thoughts with your everyday person. That’s indeed what makes me very unique.

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  • The Art in Cooking.

    The Art in Cooking.

    Cooking is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements. -Marcel Boulestin.   He could smell the readiness of onion in every one of its stages of cooking and knew exactly what stage worked best for each dish. He could identify the exact rapidity with which milk had to […]

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  • Jesus Said Use Your Head by A-Q and M.I Abaga.

    Jesus Said Use Your Head by A-Q and M.I Abaga.


    Award-winning Nigerian rapper M.I Abaga comes through with a new track titled “Jesus Said Use Your Head” in the Extended Play “The Live Report” with A-Q. Over the past few days, I have gotten a few requests from people to review the song. I was excited as I was listening to this particular track because of the […]

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  • Amidst Covid-19: Nigeria Is Against Herself.

    Amidst Covid-19: Nigeria Is Against Herself.

    You are probably wondering the reason for this title or perhaps what I mean by a country being against itself. In explaining this, I would have to explain a medical condition. There is a medical phenomenon where cells in the body begin to attack itself (organs and tissues) causing the body to fall sick. This […]

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  • Nigeria: Functioning In Abnormality.

    Nigeria: Functioning In Abnormality.

    Functioning is abnormality is not just a way of life for an average Nigerian but has been a coping mechanism used by Nigerians to serve them in every sphere. It’s is usually referred to as the survival of the fittest. This is why it would be adopting this theory In explaining this phenomenon. The survival […]

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  • Covid 19: China makes, we take

    Covid 19: China makes, we take

    A lot of noise has arisen from the discussion as to whether China is responsible for the outbreak of the coronavirus or if they are at the winning side of this viral eruption. Looking back, we would see that China is not a newcomer when it comes to viruses. They have been majorly criticized for […]

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    The COVID 19 virus (otherwise known as the Coronavirus) that originated in Wuhan, China is a pandemic that has disrupted the world at every level. It has brought fear, crisis, distress, anxiety, worry, complete shutdown of various industries and economy and even death. Just like the arrival of its cousin the “Spanish flu” in 1918. […]

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  • Covid 19 : Where is our President?

    Covid 19 : Where is our President?

    Where is our President? This has been the question in the mouths and hearts of thousands of Nigerians since the outbreak of the COVID 19 outbreak in Nigeria. Unlike other countries such as Canada, China, the United States of America Japan, France, the United States, and others in Africa such as Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa, […]

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  • My Experience With the Lagos state Okada and Keke Ban.

    My Experience With the Lagos state Okada and Keke Ban.

    Governor Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State, I hail thee !! Lagosians I hail thee. Here I am, sweating profusely all because NEPA has refused to give us light. I couldn’t help but share my thoughts about the Keke and Okada Ban in Lagos State. As you might have guessed from my previous articles, I love ordering […]

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  • The Nucleus Between Religion and Regression in Nigeria.

    The Nucleus Between Religion and Regression in Nigeria.


    When I decided to write on this issue, I was not sure about the direction I wanted to go with this piece. At first, I thought about religion and then I thought about its impact on society and from there I started to link one or two in my head. I’m sure there have been […]

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  1. Wow! Funny how Tunde’s story is actually my own true life story. Lol. I was Tunde, but I’m gradually freeing…

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