fascism still exist

Fascism: What the World Never Admits.

The democracy we say we practice today, is not at all different from yesterday’s Fascism because they both produce the same results in our present time with exception to war. _Oluwapelumi Okeh. Fascism is a political philosophy and system of ruling that exalts the nation and often race, above the individuals. It is an autocratic […]

Why we have repressed memory
Mental Health

Memoirs from a Repressed Memory.

  I sat down there thinking quietly to myself, trying to understand why I couldn’t understand what My friend Winston was saying to me for the past 30minutes. He was explaining an incident that occurred some years back. I seemed to be a part of this story he was narrating but the only problem I […]

the one that got away
Random gists

The One That Got Away.

I was so sad when I heard that I had missed the test yesterday. It was already so hard keeping up with school work because I had been in and out of the hospital for weeks now. I was determined to go explain myself to the lecturer thinking maybe if he understood that I had […]

do fragrances determine how people treat me
Life Issues Society & Culture

A fragranced life 2.

A Fragranced life (The first Part). In the first part of this article, we established that there are different fragrances we as humans have on, and that it is the peculiar type of fragrance we have that determines several happenings in our life. I also categorised the fragrances into 2 but for the purpose of […]

why you should download the garba album by jesse jagz

Why i love the Garba Album by Jesse Jagz.

Jesse Jagz, on 29th of May 2020, released a 5 tracked EP and I have received several requests for me to review GARBA. On this note, I have decided to review the album. Before listening, I was very curious about this new project considering the fact that Jesse Jagz last released an album, Odysseus, in […]

Life Issues Reviews

How to love Yourself

Hello guys! I trust you all are keeping safe? I have decided to write on how to love one’s self but then I thought to myself. What better way to do this than to use Demi Lovato’s “I love me” song? I love me was released on the 6th of March 2020 as part of […]

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