The One That Got Away.

the one that got away

I was so sad when I heard that I had missed the test yesterday. It was already so hard keeping up with school work because I had been in and out of the hospital for weeks now. I was determined to go explain myself to the lecturer thinking maybe if he understood that I had been dealing with a life-threatening situation he would at least give me a makeup test or decide to use my examination scores as a replacement. I knocked on the lecturer’s door and he asked me how he could help me. I explained myself to him. He replied that he didn’t care if I died in the hospital. I excused myself out of his office and before my legs could even move I broke down into tears.

the one that got away

The reason for the tears was rooted in the fact that I was still dealing with a serious issue at the hospital rather than the test I missed. Regarding the test, the worst thing that would happen might be me sitting for the course twice. I tried to move my legs but I felt stuck. Hot tears rolled down my eyes. In fact, this was not just crying, it was wailing. Several people passed me by but never stopped to ask what was wrong. I had been holding these tears for weeks now, encouraging myself that things would be better. It was then and there I heard a voice “hello! What’s wrong? Why are you crying? I couldn’t respond, I looked at him and noticed how good looking he was. I immediately felt guilty, how on earth did my mind shift from my present predicament to the looks of this person?

He explained, “l school here, this is also my faculty, please explain what’s wrong so that I can help”. Words failed me, whenever I tried to open my mouth to talk, I would instead start to cry. He came closer and cleaned the tears off my eyes. it felt comforting and so I tried to explain a bit of what was wrong. I wasn’t sure if he even understood what I was saying because I didn’t quite understand the words that came from my own mouth. It felt like I was speaking in a strange language.

It was as if being close to him at that moment sort of partially removed my mind from the situation. I noticed how tall he was, probably 6ft5. He smelled so great and had great hair. It was then I heard his friend who I had not noticed at all say “let’s get going! you know those people are already waiting for us“. “I have to go now, please I want you to be happy. I hope I get to see you around one of these days”. I replied “thanks, Yea! Me too”. After he had left, I began to ask myself why I didn’t ask for his number. “I really should have asked for his number I said to myself”.

About a month after our first encounter, I saw him again but this time I was in a hurry to leave. He asked how I was doing and if I had been able to settle the issue of that day. I said yes and I even got everything mixed up that day. So, let me just give you guys a little background to the story. (So apparently 3 lecturers were taking that particular course and I had gone to meet the wrong lecturer with whom I had no business with, I wasn’t even taking his course). I told him I needed to go now but I would explain better another time. He then asked for my number which I gave him (finally! I thought to myself ).

Here I was waiting for Mr. X to call me. It had been 2 weeks now and I still hadn’t heard from him. What could be the reason? Was it that he saw no need to call me or he misplaced his phone? He mentioned the course he was studying but I couldn’t just go to his department to ask after him. Several thoughts were running through my head as to the possible reasons why he hadn’t reached out to me. Two weeks after, as I was about to enter the campus shuttle, I heard a voice call to me. I looked back and there he was smiling and waving at me.

the one that got away

I walked up to him, I didn’t know when the words “I’m not happy with you” came out of my mind. Oh crap! did I just say that? I was expecting him to act surprised or clueless. To my surprise, he came closer and said “oh dear don’t tell me you are going to stop talking to me before actually getting to know me? I smiled. He continued, “you have no idea how happy I am to see you today. I had been hoping that I get to see you because my phone got stolen a day after I saw you and I had no way of reaching you. Can you please give me your number again?” In my heart, I replied “of course baby” as I dialed my digits into his phone.

It wasn’t long after when Mr. X invited me on a date with him. It was a party and I wasn’t familiar with anyone at the party. He seemed to be a popular guy and I was amazed as to how many people knew him. We had drinks and just kind of talked about different things. He seemed to just know everything and I felt like I just met my idol. His diction swept me off my feet. I didn’t know when I asked “so about your diction, what’s the story? “he replied “oh that? It’s self-taught…While growing up, I just made up my mind to always speak well.

It was getting late and so we decided to leave the party. As he drove me home, I observed the change in our conservation. Our discussion had now become somewhat superficial but I didn’t mind at all as I just wanted to be with him and hear him talk all day. As he parked in front of my house, he looked at me and said “I can’t wait for us to do this again. I responded “me too… It was nice hanging out with you”. I came down from the car and walked towards my apartment. I knew he was watching me as I went on and so I tried to compose myself. As I walked away, I thought to myself “should I invite him in? Wouldn’t that be too forward?

To be continued…




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