This was going to be Denzel and Vanessa’s first night together. He had come to Lagos to see her from Accra. Their love story was a funny one as they met through a friend. Vanessa’s first opinion of Denzel wasn’t quite nice as she saw him as a proud, egoistic young man. He reminded her of one of her exes. One particular quality that endeared Denzel to Vanessa was that he was brilliant and he cared for her in ways that she couldn’t even understand. He knew everything there was to know on earth and this made their conversations intriguing. She just couldn’t get over the way he cared for her.

She was in a relationship with someone else when they got introduced to each other and got talking, but he made her question her every decision to be with the guy. Denzel had told Vanessa that he wanted her, he didn’t mind that she was in a relationship. He said he loved her from the very first day they got introduced to each other. He knew in his heart that he wanted her for himself, and he didn’t mind being called crazy by anyone.

All this while, they had only communicated via video, voice calls and text. They were always on the phone even while he was at work, he would make it a point of duty to speak to her. At a point, his colleagues at work would tease him about this so-called “Vanessa”. Vanessa was the kind of girl he had always wanted to be with all his life. She was smart, independent and strong-willed. His high taste in women had always been a problem for him. He never quite got what he wanted!

A day before they decided to spend time together, they couldn’t get enough of each other. They kept discussing the things they would do to one another. She said “I can’t wait to kiss your lips and play with your perfect beards”, he replied “I would probably not say a thing while I’m with you”, she asked why, and he responded, “I’m sure you haven’t noticed but I’m so fucking shy of you, you are too perfect for me”.

On the much-awaited day, Vanessa met up with him at the airport, and they hugged tightly. He kissed her on the forehead, and she grinned gushingly “let’s get going to the hotel”. This was Denzel’s third time of coming to Nigeria, the last time he was in Nigeria, he made up his mind never to come again. Nonetheless, here he was, willing to do anything to make her happy. They got to the hotel, tried settling in by putting their luggage away. Vanessa sat on the bed, looking at Denzel who was at this point, was just staring back at her with his legs wild open. Vanessa looked at his face and smiled at him. He was too cute; his smile took her breath away every single time. Her eyes began to trace his body below his waist region where she saw something like a bulge. She quickly removed her eyes, so he won’t catch her staring.

He gestured his hand like he wanted to pull her to himself and said gently “come here! Sit on my laps and kiss me. Why are you so far away from me?” She replied, “I’m trying to give you time to settle down so you can catch your breath, we have 3 days to ourselves”. He responded, “C’mon now, sit on your baby’s lap, I can’t afford to stay away from you”. At this point, Vanessa knew he was going to want to kiss her, they hadn’t had their first kiss, and she kept wondering how it was going to be. She needed it to be perfect because it was going to determine the course of their relationship.

She had told him weeks earlier how important the act of kissing was to her. “It has to be perfect” she remembered saying. Now, this! There was no way he was just calling her to sit on his laps and he wouldn’t try kissing her, touched to oblivionespecially with that bulge she saw earlier. She went to him, sat on his laps, and whispered into his ears “I’m so happy you are here; it still feels like a dream”. “I know” he responded. He held her face and looked into her eyes and said: “I meant what I said yesterday, I love you so much”. He had never for once called her by her name, it was either “babe” or “my love”, he even gave her a native Ghanaian name which he loved calling her by.

Later that day, they left the hotel room for a few hours, Denzel needed to drop something for someone on the island and since he wasn’t familiar with Lagos, she decided to go with him. They got back to the hotel room together and decided to take a shower together. Vanessa was quite shy and she wondered why this was so, as she had never in her life been shy. They had at one point done nasty stuff over the phone and showed off each other’s pride. Denzel couldn’t have enough of her, he kept tracing the water on her body with his hands. At this point, she kept hoping that he would stop on his own as his hands all over her body felt so good. He was gentle, calm, sweet and it felt like he didn’t care about anything else in the world.

vanessa looked at his face and smiled at him

After they were done tending to each other’s bodies in the bathroom, they moved to the room. He held her on the bed and she kissed him. His cock immediately came alive as if to say “Halleluiah! Finally!”. She held him, licked his lips and kissed him slowly. This was something she had imagined herself doing to him several times. She turned around, pushed him on the bed with her hands still being on his chest. She sat on him, with each of her legs being at each of his sides.  Vanessa slowly began to kiss his chest, neck, nipples, his ribs and began to go towards his groin area and before she could even get to it, Denzel’s cock had already begun to say ”hi” nod at her like it was trying to make a conversation with her. He held her neck and brought her closer to him and whispered in her ears. “Let me satisfy your needs, baby”.vanessa released herself

Vanessa released herself to him, and he immediately grabbed her gorgeous nipples and sucked on it like he was a baby being breastfed. He cupped her tits with his two hands and then took his hand down her centre parting her legs aside. He tried going down on her, but she held his head and brought him back up to come to have a taste of her lips but, he slipped out of her grasp, going back to her honeypot. He first separated her labia then put his hands inside her and it felt so slippery. Denzel began to move his fingers gently, going up and down “tah! tah-tah, tah-tah-tah”. Vanessa moved her waist to the movement of his hands, it felt so great inside as she felt pleasure in places she never knew existed.


She lost control and began to rub her hands against her clit rapidly as she groaned. She closed and opened her eyes almost immediately and looked into his eyes as if to say “what are you doing to me?”. He looked back at her as if he was in connection with her soul. He continued with his finger, and then put a second finger in. “Damn! You are so tight, baby” he leaned and kissed her. At this point, she had completely forgotten who she was, where she was and all the problems of her life. It was as if he paused the world for her. Unbelievable!! Was this her squirting or someone else? How was her pussy even able to do this? What was he doing to her body? She tried to, but couldn’t even remember the last time she had orgasms…

To Be Continued

let us know if you would love the story and would like to see the second part of the series. 


  1. Oluwatobiloba nofiu

    How can that story end there na😄😄,it was just getting interesting mehn, you now put someone on hold till to be continued.why now😥😥.I will be patiently waiting.

  2. Miguel

    To be continued???????? 🙆🏿‍♂️ I can’t wait to read the concluding part.

    Well some Lumi, my imagination has taken me to place I’m not ready for tonight. Keep it up dear.

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