How to Calculate your Engagement Rate on Social media.

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The only thing worse than putting out bad content is not knowing how your audience responds to your content. This is why you need to understand the response of your audience to your content.

Knowing Your Engagement

Social media metrics such as engagement, follower growth likes, shares clicks, impressions, reach helps you track your audience actively.

Let’s say your company has 20,000 Instagram followers and receives 1000 likes on your most recent post. Your engagement rate would be calculated as:

✨ Engagement Rate = (1000 / 20,000) * 100% = 5%

This would make sense if you had a small audience compared to other brands in your industry.

However, let’s say that another brand has 200,000 followers and gets 2,000 likes on its most recent post. That brand would have an engagement rate of:

✨ Engagement Rate = (2,000 / 200,000) * 100% = 1%

With the above example, it’s obvious that the first brand is doing better on Instagram than the second one. The first brand had a higher average number of engagements per follower (0.05 versus 0.001), so it must be more effective at reaching its target audience on social media.

The effectiveness of your social media strategy & content isn’t just about the number of followers you have, but on how many of them engage, share and take actions because of your content.

Are you a business or brand owner who has low engagement rate? Do you need your social media to be better than it is now?

You may want to take a look at your engagement rate and outsource your socials to a social media expert who can increase your engagement metrics through powerful content.

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