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A space that is committed to addressing topics related to society and culture. This blog, therefore, covers issues and concepts that are useful in understanding the world we live in now. Read our blog for insightful articles that helps in liberating people.

Find the best of culture, food, and traditions. learn about indigenous culture in Nigeria. It is important to know that our culture and society are very integral parts of our lifestyle.

do fragrances determine how people treat me
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A fragranced life 2.

A Fragranced life (The first Part). In the first part of this article, we established that there are different fragrances we as humans have on, and that it is the peculiar type of fragrance we have that determines several happenings in our life. I also categorised the fragrances into 2 but for the purpose of […]

coronavirus nigeria
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The COVID 19 virus (otherwise known as the Coronavirus) that originated in Wuhan, China is a pandemic that has disrupted the world at every level. It has brought fear, crisis, distress, anxiety, worry, complete shutdown of various industries and economy and even death. Just like the arrival of its cousin the “Spanish flu” in 1918. […]

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