Category: Mental Health

In this category, readers can find themselves stories, articles about being misunderstood, and even learn ways to battle mental health issues.

In this category, you will understand why there is so much stigma associated with mental illness especially in Africa.

Get access to frequently raised questions concerning depression.

Questions based on behavioral patterns and several other struggles.

positive self-deception
Mental Health

Positive Self-deception.

Positive self-deception is the act of convincing oneself of truth or lack of truth for the sole purpose of self-fulfilment and positivity. The Oxford Academic Journals defines deception as the deliberate distortion of information in order to deceive others. However, positive self-deception is different from other forms of deception because it aims to produce positive […]

Why we have repressed memory
Mental Health

Memoirs from a Repressed Memory.

  I sat down there thinking quietly to myself, trying to understand why I couldn’t understand what My friend Winston was saying to me for the past 30minutes. He was explaining an incident that occurred some years back. I seemed to be a part of this story he was narrating but the only problem I […]

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