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Hi! I am Oluwapelumi but you can call me, Lulu. I do not want to turn this into an essay. However, I do want you to read this and feel like you know me. I mostly consider myself a very creative person. I love to cook and multi-task. My writings are inspired by my desire to understand behavioural patterns, psychological formation, and sociological changes and cross-examine their effects in the world we live in today. This is my little way of trying to make sense of things. I consider myself the best person to solve any problem on any given day. I do not necessarily share the same opinions and thoughts with your everyday person. That’s indeed what makes me very unique.

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  • How to have a Balanced Mental Health and Work-Life.

    How to have a Balanced Mental Health and Work-Life.

    Written by Abiodun Apoeso Mental Health and Work-life Balance Some weeks ago, a friend I hadn’t spoken with in a long while called me. She contacted me previously in 2019 for help with a career change choice, and since then she’s been killing it in tech sales. It was great catching up with her, and […]

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  • Why Men Should Have Empathy.

    Why Men Should Have Empathy.


    Dear men, you are allowed to have empathy for people. I was having a conversation with a guy yesterday and I was telling him about some of the struggles I have been experiencing lately. As I began to speak, it dawned on me that I was only wasting my time. I honestly do not know […]

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  • Behind Every Successful man, is THE MAN.

    Behind Every Successful man, is THE MAN.

    It’s a widely accepted belief that behind every successful man is a woman, a mother, a sister, or a wife with a vision. A woman is regarded as an assistant and helper to the man. This means she is expected to support his dream, career, or business. The true questions are, how correct is this […]

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  • Commitment? Just choose one and keep it moving.

    Commitment? Just choose one and keep it moving.


    Just choose one and keep it moving. I am obsessed with the idea of commitment and I think it is a key ingredient for any successful relationship. Of course, people have different interpretations of commitment depending on what stage they are in life, a teenager’s expectation of commitment will be different from someone in his/her […]

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  • Do you have a Flight or Fight response to situations?

    Do you have a Flight or Fight response to situations?

    Do you have a Flight or Fight response to situations? Of a truth, I have only ever had a “flight” response to failing relationships. Sometimes, I ask myself Why I have gotten so used to “running” in the face of challenges. I elope all the time, so much so, I have become too comfortable with […]

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  • Unveiling With Lulu

    Unveiling With Lulu

    Introducing! A web series interview on Lulusarena that tells the unique stories of founders, business owners and individuals who are making a difference in their field and profession.  

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  • I Should Have Seen the Red flags.

    I Should Have Seen the Red flags.

    | |

    I Should have seen the red flags I’m here staring at the ceiling, thinking to myself as I replay Andra Day’s red flags. “I should have known I’d lose everything… I should have known red flags were warning me, now my soul drags behind my feet but I’ll be fine I guess. You meant no […]

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  • Is Love Ever Enough?

    Is Love Ever Enough?

    We live in an age where relationships barely stand the test of time. Things that used to work before are gradually changing. Everyone is becoming ‘‘woke’’. Thus, altering the status quo. _ Oladayo Dawodu Love, that strong emotion you have towards someone so much that you can do anything and everything for the individual involved. […]

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  • Positive Self-deception.

    Positive Self-deception.

    Positive self-deception is the act of convincing oneself of truth or lack of truth for the sole purpose of self-fulfilment and positivity. The Oxford Academic Journals defines deception as the deliberate distortion of information in order to deceive others. However, positive self-deception is different from other forms of deception because it aims to produce positive […]

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  • Why children? What is so Important About Children?

    Why children? What is so Important About Children?

    By Victoria Agbamoro What do you understand by helping children learn? Why Children? What is so special about children? The years of a child is regarded as the formative period, this is where most of the work is needed. Between the ages of 5 – 13, these years form the character and mindset of a […]

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  1. Wow! Funny how Tunde’s story is actually my own true life story. Lol. I was Tunde, but I’m gradually freeing…

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