Nigeria: Functioning In Abnormality.

an average nigerian

Functioning is abnormality is not just a way of life for an average Nigerian but has been a coping mechanism used by Nigerians to serve them in every sphere. It’s is usually referred to as the survival of the fittest. This is why it would be adopting this theory In explaining this phenomenon. The survival of the fittest as populated by Charles Darwin (relative theory) has been used in several ways either for scientists to explain scientific observations, by economists to explain economic patterns and even by behavioral analysts. However, in this article, the survival of the fittest theory lays emphasis on the struggle for existence in less than conducive situations. It is a conscious choice to either remain static or evolve. The variation at hand is that “survival of the fittest” to Darwin is a force that drives evolution while to Nigerians it is a means to continue to live, adapt in a peculiar situation which is “perceived” by them to be favorable or satisfying (when in truth it really isn’t).an average nigerian

It’s a suffering and smiling kind of situation (this should not be confused with being a happy person). Of the truth, Nigerians are happy people but when you observe properly you will come to realize that the whole “Nigerians are happy people statement” has been postulated for the wrong situations. Functioning in abnormalities has been a standard rule of operation where abnormalities are internalized as “norms”. Many of us are merely interested in talks than actions, words with big grammar than truths, money than our future, today than tomorrow. Why can’t we have both?

It is only in Nigeria you will find elites that have been confirmed as being corona virus-positive and yet refuse to self-isolate. it’s only in Nigeria that persons with COVID 19 symptoms will still go visiting people. it’s only in Nigeria Mechanical engineers can’t fix their cars and so they give it out to roadside mechanics (not like there is anything explicitly wrong here) the problem is when it becomes a thing of dependency due to lack of knowledge. It’s only in Nigeria people will support you and still refuse to vote for you during elections but would rather follow you into starting a revolution. Where is the sense in that? The election is to convey the choice and needs of the people as well as to legalize any sort of autonomy. It’s only in Nigeria a farmer who produces rice and beans would still go to the market and buy internationally made products because of the mentality that “foreign is best”.

It’s only in Nigeria we come about the decision of needing a foreign coach by the color of the skin. The implication hereby is the choosing of a coach because of the color of his skin rather than his coaching skill (it shouldn’t matter whether our coach is black or white as long as the individual can deliver). It’s only in Nigeria things will happen on the street or roadside and they will blame their President for it. Is the President responsible for everything that goes on in the country?. Why can’t we hold ourselves the citizens accountable for our actions too ? .The question is what about your leaders at the grassroots? Where are your local government chairmen? Your counselors? didn’t you vote for a Senator? or a House Representative? Where is your Governor? Why are we not holding these people accountable ?. A perfect example was the pipeline explosion in Festac on the 15th of March 2020 where the Governor later visited the site (I commend him for that ) but the truth is that if he hadn’t gone to “show face” people would have had his head. Of what essence are the 3 levels of government then ? . In the United States of America for example, when incidents or events happen the Mayor of the state is usually the first to address the issue. How many times do we get to hear Queen England address her people?

It is only in Nigeria a child is considered intelligent just because he understands English (especially when he has a nice accent to it ). Some parents even pay for phonetics lessons for unreasonable reasons and agendas hereby adding undue pressure on the child. What about when the child is good at other subjects such as mathematics or accounting but not so strong in other areas? What if the child is average in all subjects and tends to be exceptional in other areas such as swimming, basketball, baseball, tech? Our educational system should, therefore, be tailored to meet these various contrast.

Do You Know Who I Am? (Ibeere Pataki!!!)

There are these very special group of people in Nigerian society mostly seen among the elites. Indeed very self-centered sets of people who never follow rules or laws placed down. You see them in churches, you meet them on the road. “ Excuse me sir you can not park there” the next thing is “ Do you know who I am ?”. You place a dent on a person’s car the next thing is “do you know who I am ?”. Your children commit crimes and are arrested the next thing is do you know who I am ?. They never agree that they are in the wrong . You lie and cheat people yet you sing “do you know who I am ?”. It is this same system that led to the controversy surrounding a certain Celebrity’s cohorts being tested for the coronavirus while others who had been experiencing symptoms had not been tested. What a world! This explains the sudden shift in the behavior of our politicians when they are “in the abroad” and while they are at home. They carry their bags themselves and comport themselves properly over there but immediately they get to the airport in Nigeria they are completely reborn. The “do you know who I am” mentality has dealt badly with the Nigerian society. It is a canker-worm that has eaten deeply into the nation’s fabric.

Finally, I wouldn’t want to downplay the fact that the ability to cope with some of these things has been one of the major driving force of many Nigerians in the country and even in diaspora. However, it is important that we don’t lose sight of what we are and what we can be as a country. That is to say, in as much as functioning in abnormality has been a typical standard of the day we should have in mind that a country can only be the best based on the foundation of the choices they make for themselves and for one another in the society.


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